Finding Lifetime Friends while Traveling

It’s a known fact that the best part of traveling is sharing your experience and memories with others. Whether it is a small trip, a weekend getaway or a long-term travel, you meet lots of people from different all over the world which might even lead to a lifetime friendship.

The beauty of meeting new people on your trips is that you get acquainted with their traditions and you deepen your knowledge of their nation, customs and culture. But more importantly, you get an insider’s tips and tricks to your next destination; there is a big chance the person has traveled there before, or he/she knows good places for you to check out in the city you both are in at that moment.

It might sound hard to make friends throughout your travels as you constantly are on the move, or you are a shy person and don’t know how to start a conversation with a total stranger – we have all been there. Just remember – you both have traveling in common! And if you cannot get your head around starting the conversation do not worry – there might be a person who would be sitting next to you in the hostels lounge and initiate the talk. Simply be open minded.

No matter if you are a solo traveler or traveling with your boyfriend or best friend, it’s always refreshing and much more fun to hang out with a group of people. There might be a case when a person has a similar destination as you do – so you team up, share the cab, tuk-tuk or whatever transport there is – and make the best out of your travels. Creating best memories, good or bad, is what makes your trip unforgettable.

Once you get to know them, remember to exchange your contact information or social media to stay in touch – someday you might plan your trip to their home countries or vice versa, or even plan next destination together for a small reunion. Moreover, you can always ask for advice and recommendations of the places they have been to.

To summarize, traveling is not only for visiting the places indicating on your guidebook, but it’s more about sharing experiences, meeting like-minded people and creating beautiful memories you will cherish your whole life.

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By ausindia_taj / Administrator, bbp_keymaster

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on May 03, 2016

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